Decatur County

John C. Scott





John C. Scott, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Scott of Davis City, departed Monday for Des Moines to begin his training in the U. S. army air forces. The twenty-three year old future cadet has been a member of the army air forces enlisted reserves. His wife and two children are living at Indianola for the duration.

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A/C John C. Scott, of Davis City, has completed his basic training at Sheppard Field, Texas, and passed the tests. He is now an aviation cadet and awaiting orders to be shipped from Texas to a college for pre-flight training. He enjoyed a visit last week with his parents at Davis City and his wife and children at Indianola.

Source: Leon Journal-Reporter, unknown publication dates

Source: Decatur County Women's Auxilary WWII Scrapbook; Submission by Decatur County Historical Museum, Leon IA, Sara Rose Joan LeFleur, June of 2016