Hamilton County


Zigmund Schon, Specialist Photographer 3c






Zigmund Schon, specialist photographer third class, who is stationed at Washington, D.C., misses his Iowa friends very much, according to a dispatch from the USO in the capital city. Schon, a Czechoslovakian, came to Iowa in 1940 and opened a photo-engraving shop in Webster City which he operated for some time before he went south because of his wife’s ill health. Following her death, he qualified for citizenship papers and enlisted in the navy.

Asked what he liked about USO facilities in Washington, he mentioned first the collection of symphony recordings made available and then spoke enthusiastically about singing lessons. He is also studying tap dancing. He enjoys the art galleries and concerts in the capital city, and after but a short time following his arrival there was taking others on sight seeing trips. “I’m investing in this place,” he declared. “Every month I buy a fifty dollar war bond."

Source: Daily Freeman Journal, Webster City, IA - Sept. 11, 1943