Plymouth County

Eugene "Bud" Scholer




According to word received from Bud Scholer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Scholer, he is stationed at Almeda.  He is attending the Cooks and Bakers School. Bud said that the boys get quite a few weekend passes and that many of them go to the Russian River which is near there.

Source: LeMars Globe-Post, July 19, 1943

NEWS of the Boys in the Service.

Eugene Scholer, son of Sheriff Frank Scholer, stationed in the coast guard on the Pacific ocean, came home on leave last week. He arrived just in time to see his brother, Darrell Scholer, who was leaving for New York where he is in the coast guard, after a brief visit home.

Source: LeMars Semi-Weekly Sentinel, March 14, 1944


Eugene Scholer, GM3/c on board ship now at Mare Island, is spending a 14-day leave in the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Scholer.

Source: LeMars Globe-Post, August 10, 1944