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Sgt. Wayne Schichtl



News Items of Burt Vicinity.
Mr. and Mrs. Lou Schichtl recently  had  a letter  from their son, Pvt. Wayne Schichtl, that he is well, has plenty to eat and likes his work. He has been in a replacement camp but is now with troops in the Italy battle area.  Wayne worked in the McMullen grocery before he entered the Army.

Source: Algona Upper Des Moines, March 21, 1944

Burt Soldier Receives Purple Heart in 5th Army   

Wayne Schichtl, of Burt, new member of the 5th Army in the Italy area, was awarded the purple heart for bravery in action on the Anzio beachhead.  The award was made about May 14th according to a letter received by his mother, Mrs. Florence Schichtl, at Burt. Wayne had been in combat since February and when he wrote the letter he was in a rest area following a slight wound he had received and which he termed “just a scratch.” He is well known here, having taken a year in the local high school after which he graduated at Burt three years ago. He joined the Army somewhat over a year ago and on May 17, 1943, was sent overseas. He is a nephew of Mrs. Henry Johannsen and Russ Cook of this city.

Source: Algona Upper DesMoines, June 6, 1944

Activities of Burt Soldiers and Sailors

Pfc. Wayne Schichtl, who was awarded the Purple Heart in Italy recently, sent it home to his mother, Mrs. Lou Schichtl. He received the award in May and his mother received it Saturday.

Source: Algona Upper Des Moines, June 27, 1944

Sgt. Wayne Schichtl, Algona, Seeing Rome

Burt: Sgt. Wayne Schichtl, now stationed somewhere in Italy, has lately written to his cousin, Donna Jean Dutton,  a very interesting letter, parts of which say:

“I have had the opportunity to see Rome and seeing Rome means seeing the Vatican City, also St. Peter’s Cathedral, which is located there. I can’t describe the Vatican to you, as it is too beautiful for words. I was also lucky enough to be present at a victory mass, which was read by Pope Pius XII. He looks just like the pictures show him. One of the historic places we visited was the Coliseum. You recall studying about it in history. Rome is slowly getting back to normal. Not any eating places open as the people say they haven’t anything to serve. The people up north are better dressed than those in the southern parts. The girls are nice looking and well dressed and on some of the streets you have to remind yourself that you are in Italy and not on some busy street in the States.”

Sgt. Schichtl, and Algona boy, clerked in McMullen’s store here before entering the service. His friend, Corp. Lloyd Green, also from Algona, is in Italy but the two so far have not been able to meet.

Source: Algona Upper Des Moines, August 8, 1944

Mrs. Lou Schichtl  received a letter from her son, Sgt. Wayne Schichtl, written Aug. 10 while he was in Italy. Another letter written Aug. 13, stated he was somewhere in France. 

Source: Algona Upper Des Moines, September 5, 1944