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Paul Frederic Roach



Nominees for Appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis

Charles John Youngblade of Sioux City and Paul Frederic Roach of Rock Rapids have been named by Representative Charles B. Hoeven as his principal nominees for appointment to the United States Naval academy, Annapolis, Md.

As alternates in the Youngblade nomination, Representative Hoeven named Robert Perine Mann of Spencer, first; Arnold Baron, 2220 Pierce Street, Sioux City, second, and William L. Eginton, Storm Lake, Iowa, third.

Alternates for the Roach nomination are Wendell Grant Voss, 310 19th Street, Sioux City, first, James Chester Cashman, Hartley, Iowa, second and Arthur William Rosen, 2100 Kennedy drive, third.

Mr. Youngblade is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Emil S. Youngblade, 1220 27th Street. His father is a veteran of the First World War and is a former commander of Monahan post. He is head of the engraving department of The Journal-Tribune Publishing Company, and is active in labor circles.

Charles was born September 2, 1926, and has lived here all his life. He attended North Junior School and was a graduate from Central High School in June, 1943. He then studied engineering at Iowa State College, Ames, for one year and enlisted in the navy in June, 1944. He took his boot training at the Great Lakes Naval Training Station, finishing in October. Since that time, he has been assigned to a navy radio school in Los Angeles, Cal.

Paul Roach is the son of Capt. Paul R. Roach and the grandson of Edwin C. Roach, Rock Rapids attorney. His father, who is a veteran of the First World War, is in the army in the present conflict and now is stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas.

Paul was graduated from Rock Rapids High School May 5, 1944, and reported for air force training the same day. He now is stationed at Victoryvale, Air field, Cal.

A brother, Ensign James R. Roach, has been on duty in the south Pacific since last December and now is in Australia. 

Source: The Sioux City Journal, December 20, 1944 (photo included)