Sioux County

Capt. Dores J. Reideman





Sioux Cityans Among Officers Given Promotions

Washington—The war department announced Tuesday temporary for 15 Iowans as follows:

First Lieutenant to Captain—Dores J. Reideman, Alton and Chauncey E. Heffernan, Sioux City.

Second Lieutenant to First Lieutenant- Harvey N. Wilberg, Ringsted; Douglas E. Oakleaf, Sioux City.

The department also announced appointment of several Iowans as second lieutenants in the infantry reserve. They included Ward R. Swanson, Rockwell City, and Kenneth M. Clancy, Walker.

First Lieut. Theburn Speicher, Early, Iowa has been ordered to report for active duty.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, October 12, 1943