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Lt. Col. William Norman Reed




Meets Death on Mission With 14th Air Force

Headquarters 14th Air Force in China Dec 20 (Delayed by Censors) (AP) -- Lt. Col. William Norman Reed, 27, Marion, Iowa, ranking ace of the 14th air force, was killed Tuesday night on a mission.

The circumstances of Reed's death were not disclosed.

He was acting commander of the 'Al's Assassins' fighter group of the Chinese-American composite wing, having succeeded Col. T. Alan Bennett, presently acting wing commander.

Reed shared honors with Col. David L. (Tex) Hill for enemy planes downed in this theater. Hill, now in the United States, has downed 18 1/4 and Reed had 16 1/2. (The fractional victories were won in the old American volunteer group, which gave bonuses for planes destroyed.)

Reed's score will go higher posthumously because he had victories still to be credited officially when he was killed.

Source: The Mason City Globe-Gazette, January 1, 1945 (photo included)