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Cpl. Albert J. Quigley




IDPA Writer Travels Road Under Fire
By FRANK MILES (Iowa Daily Press War Correspondent)

With the 5th Army in Italy—(IDPA)—[excerpt]

Cpl. Albert J. Quigley, Davenport, a gunner, helped break a powerful German attack in Italy recently by placing 155-millimeter howitzer shells within 100 yards of American infantrymen without dropping a single round short.

As gunner, Cpl. Quigley sets the sights to conform with the fire order and rapidly adjusts the gun barrel until the leveling bubbles are perfectly centered, indicating the barrel adjustment conforms to the setting.  This calls for great precision and care, but the Iowan has to do the job in a few seconds.

He also is acting chief of section in which he gives commands to fire when the gun is operated singly and serves as minesweeping expert for his gun crew.  His officers and comrades call him a splendid soldier.

Source: The Mason City Globe-Gazette, Saturday, October 28, 1944