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Brig. Gen. William Dan Powell



William Powell, Sioux City Man, Named Colonel

Washington – The promotion of 575 lieutenant colonels of all branches of the army to the temporary rank of colonel was announced Wednesday by the war department.

In the list were a number of air officers who already held the temporary rank of colonel in the air corps, but were included to protect their rank in the regular army.

In addition, the department said approximately 360 captains and 1,620 first lieutenants of the medical corps, most of them reserve and National Guard’s officers would be promoted to the next higher grade to fill vacancies.

Those promoted included:
William D. Powell, Sioux City
Mark V. Brunson, Eagle Grove, Iowa
Hamilton Thorn, Plattsmouth, Nebraska
Carter Collins, Des Moines
Bernard F. Hurless, Fairbury, Nebraska
Louis Cansler, Butte, Nebraska

Source: The Sioux City Journal, January 1, 1942

Brig. Gen. Powell, Former Sioux City Resident, Dies

Brig. Gen. William Powell, a former Sioux Cityan and a nephew of the late Capt. J.W. Porterfield, died October 6, at Kimming in the Pacific area of a cerebral hemorrhage. Surviving are his widow and two daughters.

Mrs. Porterfield, now of Beverly Hills, Cal., telegraphed news of Brig. Gen. Powell’s death late Sunday to Mrs. Oscar Ruff, 1821 Jackson Street. Brig. Gen. Powell, then Capt. Powell and his family visited frequently in the home of Capt. And Mrs. Porterfield, and at one time Sioux City was their official address.

Brig. Gen. Powell once headed the R.O.T.C. unit at the University of South Dakota.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, October 1943

Brigadier General William Dan Powell
Born: 11 Nov 1893; Died 06 Oct 1943
Buried: Arlington National Cemetery

Source: ancestry.com