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SERVICEMEN WRITE (to Joy Hanson, Editor of the Ellsworth News)

From Lavon Peterson
June 23, 1943

Dear Joy:

Guess its about time to write you a note. I have been receiving The News regularly and I certainly do enjoy reading it. That is one way I have of knowing what’s going on at home. I’m leaving this station June 29. I have to report to the district office before noon the 29th. From there I don’t know where I’ll go for sure but I think I’ll go to Motor Machinist school some place.

I was in Norfolk from Friday till Monday last week on liberty. On Sunday I went out to the Naval Base and happened to see a ball game between the Naval Training Station and Fort Beevor. The Training Station has Phil Risotto, Benny McCoy, Dod Padget, Charlie Wagner and many other major league ball players. It was a good game and I witnessed some very good baseball. I had never seen any major league players, so was quite thrilled. It’s been hot, and dry here. The greenhead flies and mosquitoes have been terrible here for the past two months. We have a dormitory watch all night long here and when the flies and mosquitoes are the worst, we can hear a continual roar outside the station at night. It sounds like a bunch of planes in the distance. I wouldn’t believe it when the people here first told me about it, but since I have witnessed it I believe it. We have a few scattered mosquitoes back in Iowa and I used to think they were bad but I’ve never known a place could have so many as this one has. By the way, send my mail to Mosquito Junction from now on instead of Gull Shoal. How’s everything back there? I suppose that it’s rather quiet with so many fellows in the service. Don’t know much news so guess I’ll quit for this time. Drop me a line if you can find the time. How’s fishing this year?

Your friend,
Clarence Lavon Peterson, jr.
S-1c, U. S. C. G. Station, Salvo, No. Carolina

Source: Ellsworth News, June 30, 1943

SERVICEMEN WRITE (to Joy Hanson, Editor of the Ellsworth News)

Somewhere in the South Pacific

Dear Joy:

Got into port a couple of days ago and received mail. It is the first mail I’ve had since Dec. 26, when we were in Panama. I was very glad to hear from everyone at home again. The news that I received was not in rotation from week to week so I think I must have some more mail that is trying to catch up with me.

I’ve traveled far and seen lots, some good and some bad. All in all I’ve had experiences I’ll never forget.

We were in a bad hurricane Jan. 30. We were tossed around and took an awful beating but survived okay. The wind ranged from 107 to 110 miles per hour most of the time and it even hit 135. I tell you I hope I am never in another storm like it.

I’ve been seasick twice. The first time was from New York to Cuba and then from Cuba to Panama. The first time was the worst. That’s another thing I don’t ever want again.

I want to say thanks for The Ellsworth News. I surely appreciate getting it and I read every line in it. One doesn’t realize what the home town paper means until he leaves home.

So far I haven’t run across anyone I know from home, but may some day.

How’s the weather back in Iowa? I should have written you long ago and given you my change of address but have been so busy I just haven’t had any time till now. When we are at sea we don’t have time for much except eat, sleep, and stand watches. I have lots I’d like to say, Joy, but you know what a fellow can write, as you were in service. We have to be careful not to say anything about our ship’s activity as it must remain a military secret for now at least. Don’t know when I’ll see good old U.S.A. again, but hope to back for next Christmas.

Hello to all. I’m well and plenty busy.

Clarence L. Peterson, Jr. F1c

Source: The Ellsworth News, April 5, 1944

Clarence Lavon ‘Lavon’ Peterson was born Feb. 12, 1920 to Clarence Lorenzo and Julia Lyders Peterson. He died Apr. 15, 2001 and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Williams, IA.

Clarence served with the U.S. Coast Guard in World War II.

Source: ancestry.com