Woodbury County

Pfc. Logan (Whitney) Peters

S. C. Cannoneer on Luzon Plays Part of an Infantryman

With the 43d infantry Division on Luzon, P.I.
-- Pfc. Logan (Whitney) Peters, a cannoneer in a gun section in an artillery unit with the 43d division, was resting after his outfit had laid down a terrific barrage on enemy positions in the hills. It was D-Day plus 109. Peters noticed his battery commander and four other cannoners walking by his gun fully equipped with helmets and carbines.

“Where ya going?” the slim, number one man asked.”

“After three Nips in that hut over there!” one of them replied.

Peters grabbed his helmet and carbine and joined the patrol.

Within 10 yards of the hut, their B.C. told them to fan out and take position behind coconut palms for cover. The commanding officer shouted at the Japs to “C’mon out!” There was no answer, so the patrol opened fire. They sprayed the hut with plenty of lead, then closed in to see the results of their labors. Three Japs lay dead, one of them committing hari-kari with a hand grenade.

“Out here ya’ gotta be an infantryman as well as a cannoneer,” Peters said jokingly as he wiped his sweaty, grimy face.

This is Peters’ first major campaign. His home is at 701 Nebraska Street, Sioux City.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, November 2, [unknown year]