Kossuth County

Lt. Paul A. "Arne" Pedersen


Lieut. Arne Pedersen Killed When Plane Crashed In England Feb. 2d

On Friday Mrs. Paul A. Pedersen and son, Bobby, arrived from Denver, Colorado, where she had been making her home since her husband, Lt. Paul A. Pedersen, better known here as Arne, had left for overseas duty with the army air corps. Arne had been stationed in England since November. His mother, Mrs. Marie L. Pedersen, now living in Overland, Mo., near the camp in which a younger son Richard is receiving training was notified last week that her son, Lt. Pedersen, had been killed in an airplane crash in England, but details as to just when or how had not been received.  She wired Arne’s wife and the latter and baby son arrived in Algona and are now with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Smith, just west of town.

Joined Air Corps – 1942
Arne Pedersen, a graduate of the Class of ’39, local high school, signed up with the army air corps early in 1942 and was called to ser5vice in August of that year. His training was had at several airfields and schools in California and western points and he was commissioned a lieutenant and received his wings in the summer of 1943. On November 15th while on a mission his airplane crashed near Palermo, California, but he parachuted to safety. It was only a short time later that he was transferred to duties in England.

Married, Has Son
Lt. Pedersen married Laura, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Smith, and they have a son, Bobby, about seven months old. His three brothers are also in the service.  Roland with an army medical unit in North Africa, Kenneth with the navy at a station in Norfolk, Va., and Richard a radio mechanic in the army air corps at Scott Field, Ill.

Mrs. Pedersen, Arne’s mother, is making her home with the son Roland’s wife in Missouri, but is expected home this week, possibly today, as her daughter-in-law is returning to Denver, Colo.

Besides those mentioned, Arne is also survived by his father, Morton Pedersen, formerly of Algona, who now lives in Denver.

Aviation Enthusiast
Arne was born February 11, 1920, and was just under 24 years of age. For about two years following his graduation from the local high school, he was employed at the Algona Upper Des Moines office where he endeared himself to all with who he worked. While here he took flying lessons and had taken all the preliminary work to soloing, when he was called into the service. Much of his spare time was spent at “Squeeze Field.” He was an aviation enthusiast and had studied everything he could find on the subject.  We rejoiced in his progress and were proud of his achievement. It is with deepest understanding that we extend our sincere sympathy to his wife and mother and other members of his family.

Mrs. Pedersen was accompanied to Algona by her friend, Mrs. Lynn Lewis, whose husband is in the same squadron Arne was. The two have been living together in Aurora, Colo. since their husbands went overseas in December. The men had been flying together since July. Both women expect to return to Aurora a little later.

Source: Algona Upper Des Moines, February 22, 1944 (photo included)