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Lt. Keith T. Ose




Lt. Keith Ose, son of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Ose of near Blairsburg was wounded in action in France, according to a letter received by his parents from the officer who is receiving medical treatment in a hospital in England.

Lieutenant Ose wrote that his wounds were minor shrapnel injuries which were not serious and that he would be “back in pitching for victory before so very long.”

The officer is attached to an anti-tank division and arrived overseas May 23, in England. He went into action in France June 11.

Lieutenant Ose was wounded sometime between July 15 and 18 since his parents had received a previous letter written July 15 in which he stated he was o.k. The second letter dated July 18 was written from the English hospital.

Source: Daily Freeman Journal, Webster City, IA - July 29, 1944


BLAIRSBURG— Lt. Keith Ose, who was wounded during the breakthrough in Normandy, has rejoined his original unit and is now located near the German line, his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Ose, have been notified in a letter from their son.

Lieutenant Ose rejoined his anti-tank unit near Paris Aug. 31, and continued on through France, Belgium and into Holland. In his letter he stated he could look across the German line into Germany and that he had been on German soil and had seen a portion of the “west wall” which the allies are currently smashing to bits.

The lieutenant received the purple heart for the wounds he received in Normandy and has sent it home to his parents.

Source: Daily Freeman Journal, Webster City, IA - Oct. 11, 1944


Anti-Tank Veteran Had Been Wounded Twice in Europe

Blairsburg—Lt. Keith T. Ose, son of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Ose, was killed in action in Germany Nov. 22, his parents have been notified by the war department.

Lieutenant Ose had been in service for three years, serving first in the south Pacific theater before returning to the states for officer training. In April he was transferred overseas again to Europe with his anti-tank unit.

The veteran soldier had been wounded twice in the European theater since going into action after the invasion. The lieutenant was first wounded in the breakthrough in Normandy on July 16. He was hospitalized for a short time but rejoined his unit near Paris Aug. 31.

After the American forces had successfully pushed through France and Belgium, Lieutenant Ose was again wounded in Germany being hit by shrapnel in his thigh. He held the purple heart for his first injury.

Mr. and Mrs. Ose have two other sons in service: Marion, who is in the navy in the Pacific, and Enlow, now taking V-12 training at Ames.

Source: Daily Freeman Journal, Webster City, IA - Dec. 6, 1944

Keith Truman Ose was born Dec. 4, 1919, to Oscar B. and Beulah Mae Mark Ose. He died Nov. 22, 1944, and is buried in the Collins Cemetery, Collins, IA.

Sources: Daily Freeman Journal, Webster City, IA
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