Kossuth County

Vincent Nurre


Is there any other mother in these United States who has given more to her country than has Mrs. Anna Nurre, Bancroft, whose six sons are today in the armed forces of Uncle Sam? Six sons joined up, two with the navy, two with the army air corps, one with the navy air corps, and one with the coast guard. Truly a record unequalled in this country, the state and perhaps the nation. All honor in this fine Kossuth county mother and her six boys, and what a fine credit to the community in which these boys were raised and lived, Bancroft. We print herewith the record of the six Nurre boys, the cuts and material furnished by courtesy of the Bancroft Register.

Vincent Nurre, youngest of the six brothers, was born on March 11, 1926, on the farm near Bancroft. He attended St. John’s school and was graduated with the class of 1943. He enlisted in the Navy V-12 program when only 17 years old and was called to duty in July this year. He is stationed at Iowa State College, Ames.

Source: Algona Upper Des Moines, December 9, 1943 (photo included)