Pocahontas County

M/M 1c Merton B. Myers



WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP)—The navy Friday announced 26 casualties in navy forces, including 18 dead, two wounded and six missing.  Included was Merton Bernell Myers, son of Ralph W. Myers, Pocahontas, Ia., listed as dead.

Myers, 29, a machinist mate first class, is the first Pocahontas man known to have been killed in the present conflict. He enlisted in July, 1936, and had served in the Atlantic and Pacific fleets. He visited his parents last December. Two brothers, Dale and Ervin, also are serving in the navy.

This brings to 24,552 the total of navy, marine corps and coast guard casualties reported to next of kin since Dec. 7, 1941. The grand total includes 6,946 dead, 4,646 wounded and 12,960 missing. 

Source: The Des Moines Register, Saturday, March 27, 1943


These Iowans, like the many carried here in previous Honor Roll listings, have given their lives for their country. Each one was either killed in actual combat or died in prison camp. The fourth line beneath each photograph indicates the war area in which the Iowan was serving. Additional pictures will be carried on future Sundays.

Source: The  Des Moines Register, Sunday, February 6, 1944  (photo included)