Kossuth County

Steve Murchland



Algona Boys Have Reunion In Italy

In a letter written to his mother, Mrs. R. L. Robinault, Steve Murchland tells of having enjoyed a reunion with seven other Algona soldiers now serving in the Italy battle area. While Steve doesn’t so state, it is presumed that the reunion was held in a hospital, because of the latest word from Paul Ostwinkle stated that he was receiving treatment.

The letter:
“We had a regular Algona reunion today. Looked up Elmer Cook and Joe Elkins and then the three of us went over and got John Hopkins and Gordy Dewel. We then went down to see Harold Banwart, Bob Selzer and Paul Ostwinkle. Boy, did we ever have a lot to talk about. Elmer, Joe, Gordy, John and myself are only about ten to twelve miles apart. Elmer is the closest. He is about a mile and a half from me. The boys are all coming over to our outfit to get to ride and drive the tanks for the fun of it. They seem to think it would be great sport to ride and drive them. I don’t see it that way any more since we have both light and mediums, though I guess they will enjoy themselves. Saw one of Elmer’s late Algona papers again too. If I don’t get mine at least get some late news that way.”

Source: Algona Upper Des Moines, March 28, 1944