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Estherville, Iowa—Sergeant Charles A. Mauss, who is with a fighter squadron in the European theater, wrote his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.F. Mauss, that he saw an Estherville air officer, Kenneth Hornby, a few weeks ago in Tunis. He also said he saw another Estherville boy, Lawrence Moore, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Moore, who had been on the North African front.

Source: Sioux City Journal, August 10, 1943

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Sgt. Lawrence Moore has returned to duty after spending four days in a rest camp at Rome, where he said he saw many interesting things. He was disappointed in not having an opportunity to see the Pope.

Sergeant Moore was at another rest camp in August on the Isle of Capri. He described it as a “beautiful place,” and wrote that the food was good and he slept on white, clean sheets in a good hotel.  He enjoyed swimming, sailing and dancing.

The sergeant said many street artists in Rome stopped soldiers and asked to sketch them. Price of the pictures ranged from one to five dollars.

Sergeant Moore is assigned to a control tower directing traffic at a large airbase in Italy.

Source: Estherville Daily News, October 4, 1944