Woodbury County

John W. Montagne

Sioux Cityan at F.D.R. Churchill Sea Conference

John W. Montagne Tar Aboard Augusta, Parley Ship

The grandchildren of John William Montagne, if and when they are born, probably will be interested in hearing first-hand the story of that famous interview of President Roosevelt and Winston Churchill at sea in 1941.

Young Bill, 18-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Montagne, was aboard the Augusta, United States battleship, when the president and the British prime minister met in their sensational conference a few months ago.

Montagne, who has been in the navy a year, has been home on leave. He left Wednesday night to rejoin his ship.

He related that the sailors aboard the Augusta heard rumors while the ship was being conditioned at Brooklyn that the chief executive planned to sail with them. The Sioux City youth saw the historic meeting of the American and British governmental heads and frequently saw Roosevelt taking the air on the Augusta forecastle. With the other Augusta seaman he prepared boxes of cigarets, cheese, oranges and apples for the British sailors of the Prime of Wales, which carried Churchill to the conference.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, November 6, 1941