Kossuth County

Pvt. Cecil McVay





Soldier Was Serving in Ninth Army as Mechanic

Mrs. Cecil McVay, employed at the Sears-Roebuck store here, received government notification Sunday morning that her husband, Pfc. Cecil McVay, had been killed in action April 7 in Germany. He was in the infantry in the Ninth army.

Private McVay entered service in August 1943 and was trained at Fort Leavenworth, Kans., Camp Blanding, Fla., Fort Benning, Ga. From Camp Meade, Md., he embarked for overseas in September 1944, made for port in England, and was transferred almost immediately to active duty.

Served as a Mechanic

McVay was a mechanic, and letters to his family here revealed that he serviced vehicles at the front. He was at different times in France and Belgium. No word had been received from him since Mar. 30.

John McVay, father of Cecil, who will be 82 in July, is seriously sick, and has not been apprised of his son's death. Before entering the service, young McVay was in the employ of A.L. Fisher, local trucker.

Brothers in Service.

Cecil was born at Whittmore April 20, 1912. He had a grade school education, and on April 20, 1939, he married Thelma Hines, who with his parents and the following brothers and sisters survive; George, Floyd, Roy, Glenn, Algona; Harry, Salem, S.D.; Fred, Minneapolis; Mrs. Florence Crail, Mrs. Marie Minard, both of Algona; Mrs. Alice Tjaden, Eldora; Mrs. Clifford Miller, Madison, Wisc., and Mrs. John Sanford, of Kanhawha.

Two brothers are in service: Sgt. George, in ordnance in France, overseas 14 months; and Pfc. Floyd, in the air corps in England, across two years.

Source: Kossuth County Advance, April 24, 1945

FALLS IN GERMANY -- Mrs. Cecil McVay of Algona received official notification that her husband, Pfc. Cecil McVay, was killed in action in Germany April 7. He was an infantryman in the 9th army. Besides his wife he leaves his parents and 11 brothers and sisters.

Source: Mason City Globe-Gazette, April 24, 1945 (photo included)


Services to Be Held at Baptist Church in Afternoon

Pvt. Cecil McVay will be memorialized Sunday at 2:30 p.m. in services at the local Baptist church, with the Rev. R.F. Kitrell, pastor in charge.

On April 24, 1945, Mrs. McVay, then employed at the Sears store here, received official government notification that her husband, serving in the Ninth army infantry, had been killed in action. Some months ago a veteran in the same company called on Mrs. McVay and gave her the circumstances of her husband's death. Instead of a battle casualty, he and a buddy were between two houses when the other solder stepped directly on a mine, and the resultant explosion inflicted fatal injuries to both.

Entered Service in 1943

Cecil entered service in August, 1943, his first training being at Fort Leavenworth, Kans., and from there he was ordered successively to Camp Blanding, Fla., and Fort Benning, Ga. In September 1944, he embarked for overseas from Camp Meade, Md., made landing in England and almost immediately was transferred to the continent and active duty.

The young man was a mechanic, and had written letters to the family which showed he had serviced vehicles at the front. At different times, he had been stationed in France and Belgium. The last word from him was dated March 30, 1945.

Born at Whittemore

Cecil was born April 20, 1912, at Whittemore. His education was that of grade school and on April 20, 1939, he was married to Thelma Hines, Algona, who, with his parents and 11 brothers and sisters survive.

The brothers are George, Floyd, Roy, Glenn, all of Algona; Harry, Salem, S.D.; Fred, Minneapolis; Mrs. Florence Crail, Mrs. Marie Minard, both of Algona; Mrs. Alice Tjaden, Eldora; Mrs. Clifford Miller, Madison, Wisc., and Mrs. John Sanford, of Kanhawha.

But for one brother who it is feared cannot come, the entire family will be here for Sunday's memorial.

Mrs. McVay Sick

Mrs. McVay, who has a cardiac condition for several years, suffered a severe relapse after notification of her husband's death, and was for weeks a patient at the Kossuth hospital. She was taken to her parental home last mid-summer, and has since been cared for by her mother. On doctor's orders she will not be permitted to attend the memorial service.

While she is gradually improving, Mrs. McVay spends most of her time lying down, and only gets out when she is carried to the car and taken for a short ride.

Sermon by Kittrell

Order of service for the memorial will be the advance of the colors by representatives of the VFW and the Legion; honorary bearer, who will be Jerald, Francis, and Charles McVay, Floyd, Phillip and Kenneth Miner, all nephews; the family and the pastor.

The memorial sermon by the Rev. R.F. Kittrell will be entitled The Memory of Victory. Georgia Richardson will be accompanist for musical numbers. Following benediction, a flag will be presented to the young soldier's mother in lieu of the wife, who is ill, and taps will be sounded.

Source: Kossuth County Advance, May 30, 1946 (photo included)