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Sgt. Charles McBride



Sgt. McBride Missing, Was Plane Gunner

Sgt. Charles McBride, 19, serving as a turret gunner in the United States Army air corps, has been missing in action over Germany since Nov. 26. This information came this morning to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph McBride, 214 West Seventh street, in a message from the war department.

Sgt. McBride entered the service on Aug. 10, 1943 and had been in the European theater of operations for several months.

Source: Muscatine Journal News-Tribune, Dec. 29, 1944 (photo included)

Sgt. Charles McBride is Liberated, Family Learns

Sgt. Charles McBride, 19, who was held a prisoner of the German government since he was reported missing in action last Nov. 26, has been liberated and is in a camp at LeHavre, France, waiting transportation back to the states.

The message came this morning to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph A. McBride, 214 West Seventh street, and contained the message that he expected to be back in Muscatine soon.

Monday, Mr. and Mrs. McBride had indirect word of the liberation of their son. It came in a letter from Lt. Arthur Mittman of Muscatine to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Mittman, 708 Newell avenue. He told of meeting Sgt. McBride on the day before they left camp, Stalag Luft I, that Sgt McBride had been their since February but that it was the first meeting of the two.

Sgt. McBride, a ball turret gunner on an Eighth Air Force B-17 Flying Fortress, has been in service since Aug. 10, 1943 and had been overseas for several months when his ship went down over Germany on Nov. 26. Word that he was a prisoner came to his parents four weeks after he was listed missing. He was at first stationed at Stalg Luft IV. He was on duty with the 487th Bomb Group, a unit of the Third Bombardment division.

Previous to his internment he was awarded the air medal for "meritorious achievement while participating in heavy bombardment missions over Nazi Germany."

Source: Muscatine Journal News-Tribune, May 29, 1945