O'Brien County

Michael McAlpine



Sheldon, Ia. -- Mr. and Mrs. William McAlpine displays in the front window of their home here a service flag on which are six stars for their five sons and one daughter in the service.

Besides the six, they have one son who was given a medical discharge and another who expects to go into the navy soon.

Alvin Van Steenbergen, senior chief radioman, is in the navy at Pensacola, Fla. Sergeant Adrian Van Steenbergen was with the first troops that went overseas in the fall of 1941. He now is stationed at Stormville, N.Y.

Pvt (f.c.) William McAlpine is with the field artillery serving overseas. Midshipman Michael McAlpine is being trained at Columbia university, New York, N.Y., and will be graduated from there Oct. 28 as an ensign. Yeoman Harold McAlpine is in Pearl Harbor working in the navy personnel office.

Katherine McAlpine, seaman, second class, in the WAVES, is doing clerical work in Washington, D.C. Walter Van Steenbergen, in the service nine months, received a medical discharge.

The last of the McAlpines, Eugene (Porky) recently was graduated from high school. He will enter the Navy soon. The McAlpines have four other children, all in school.

Source: The DesMoines Tribune, October 14, 1944 (individual photos included)