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M/Sgt. Boyd J. Marts

Silver Star To Sioux City Man
Sergeant Boyd J. Marts Honored for Pacific Air Feat

Allied Headquarters in the Southwest Pacific – For Carrying through bombing runs against enemy shipping in the face of strong antiaircraft and fighter opposition, the crew of an American heavy bomber today received silver stars.

The awards were made by Lieut. Gen. George C. Kenney, allied air commander in the southwest Pacific, for gallantry in action near Karkar Island off the northeast coast of New Guinea in December 1942. Ten officers and enlisted men of the Fifth air force were decorated.

They included Master Sergeant Boyd J. Marts, 812 Douglas, Sioux City.

The citation said their plane was patrolling the area north of New Britain Island on an armed reconnaissance mission when five enemy naval vessels escorted by enemy planes were sighted.

The Japanese planes attacked immediately and simultaneously from all sides. In spite of the attacks from enemy planes and anti-aircraft fire from the warships, two well planned cool and deliberate bombing runs were made on a cruiser, resulting in near misses which caused some damage.

In the running battle which ensued, the bomber’s gunners destroyed three enemy planes.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, August 14, 1943