Woodbury County

O.E. Mackey, Chief M/M




Four Brothers Serving Overseas

Four sons of Mr. and Mrs. James W. Mackey, 701 Prescott Street, are serving in Uncle Sam’s forces overseas and in this country.

Joseph L. Mackey, stationed in north Africa, has been advanced to a captain’s rank. Previously, Capt. Mackey was stationed in Northern Ireland. Promoted to a sergeant was John W. Mackey, who is in the medical corps at Kelly field, Texas.

Melville V. Mackey, stationed in the Hawaiian Islands, has been named a private first class. Chief Machinist Mate O.E. Mackey is stationed at San Diego.

Mrs. Joseph L. Mackey is residing in Sioux City in Sioux City. Mrs. John W. Mackey is with her husband in San Diego. Mrs. O.E. Mackey and family are in San Diego.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, March 24, 1943 (photo included)