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Sgt. Nino S. Litrio



Name 9 Killed In Plane Crash
One Sioux Cityan, Sergeant N. Litrio, in Kimball Tragedy

A Sioux Cityan, Sergeant Nino S. Litrio, was among nine men killed in the crash of an army bomber from the Sioux City airbase near Kimball, S.D., Thursday night, the base public relations office revealed Friday night.

Lieut. A.W. Marshall, public relations officer, listed the nine as:
Lieut. Thomas R. Russell, Clinton, Mass.
Lieut. John M. Walker, Miami Beach, Florida
Lieut. Robert P. Lynn, Syracuse, N.Y.
Sergeant Lester M. Hatfield, Parkdale, Ore.
Sergeant Raymond F. Pischke, Pittsburg
Sergeant Victor D. Mette, Monroe, Fla.
Sergeant Nino S. Litrio, Sioux City
Sergeant Mike J. Ventura, Chicago
Private First Class Victor F. Brotherton, Joplin, Mo.

Sergeant Litrio’s wife moved to Sioux City after he was stationed at the base. Their previous address and her street address here were unavailable.

Source:  The Sioux City Journal, August 28, 1943