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Pvt. Norman L. Leverson



Probe Gun Death Of Lamoni Soldier
CHICAGO, ILL – The death of Pvt. Norman L. Leverson, 32, of Lamoni, Ia., from a fatal gunshot wound suffered at Camp Skokie Valley, near Chicago, last Wednesday, was under investigation by army authorities Thursday. The army public relations officer said Private Leverson, member of the 740th Military Police battalion, was found wounded in the camp supply room, surrounded by materials used to clean a gun. He died without regaining consciousness.

Source: The Leon Journal-Reporter, Leon, Iowa, unknown date of publication

In the death of this Lamoni son we’re are again remained of the importance of the great cause for which he gave his life. We must pledge anew our every effort to the end that freedom and justice for all will prevail throughout the world.
Pvt. Norman Leverson has contributed his part in this effort. Lamoni will not forget his devotion.

Source: The Leon Journal-Reporter, Leon, Decatur County, Iowa, unknown date of publication

Services Held Here Sunday Afternoon At 4:30; Burial At Rose Hill

Word reached Lamoni late last Wednesday that another one of our boys had lost his life in the service of his country. Pvt. Norman Leverson, 32, well know Lamoni young man, who was stationed at Fort Sheridan, Ill., had lost his life in a gun accident while attending to routine duties at the camp.

Norman has lived in Lamoni for 17 years, where he had completed his high school work and was graduated from Graceland College. For 7 years he had been employed by Hyde & Verdenburg, Inc., where he had managed stores for this firm. He had spent 3 months of the year 1943 with the railway mail service.

Source: The Leon Journal-Reporter, Thursday, June 22, 1944 (photo included)

NOTE: Pvt. Leverson was the son of Otto Gaylord & Clara Bertina (Nelson) Leverson of New Buda Township, Decatur County, Iowa; and the spouse of Leona (Kirkhart) Leverson Polser. He was born in Osage, Iowa, on May 4, 1912. He enlisted in the U.S. Army at Camp Dodge on December 17, 1943.

Source: Decatur County Women's Auxilary WWII Scrapbook; Submission by Decatur County Historical Museum, Leon IA, Sara Rose Joan LeFleur, June of 2016