Sioux County

Arie Koerselman




Sgt. Willis Koerselman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Koerselman of Hull, was wounded in Italy some weeks ago. He is now out of the hospital and back at the front again. He was able to tell his parents how he received his wounds, in a letter which they just received last week. A buddy of his stepped on a land mine just a few feet away from Willis. The boy was blown to pieces on the spot. Willis had sixteen stones removed from one eye, wounds in his ears, neck, face, and legs. He said his ears were still not completely healed. He also had shrapnel wounds in his legs. He asked the News to publish his thanks to the many people who sent cards and letters to him while he was in the hospital. Another son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Koerselman, Arie Koerselman, S 3/c, Farragut, Idaho, has also been in the hospital for the past sixty days.  He was home in June  on leave having completed his boot training. Immediately upon his return, he contracted scarlet fever and since then has been ill with rheumatic fever. He is still in the hospital and may be there for some weeks longer.

Their third son, Orville, S 1/c, is somewhere in the southwest Pacific. He has been in four major battles.  In May, he had a six day leave and wired his wife to meet him in California. Since then they have had no indication of his whereabouts.

Source: The Sioux Center News, August 31, 1944