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Pfc. Kenneth P. Kenworthy


Kenworthy, 32 Killed in Action

Pvt. (f.c.) Kenneth P. Kenworthy, 32, was killed in action in Germany Dec. 17, the war department has informed his wife, Georgia, 900 S. W. Sixty-second st., West Des Moines. Private Kenworthy was with a combat engineers unit.

He entered the service Nov. 13, 1942 and was sent overseas Dec. 4, 1943. He had been in Ireland and France before entering Germany. He was a graduate of Valley High school and was employed by Pennsylvania-Dixie-Cement Corp. in West Des Moines before entering the army.

Surviving besides his widow, are his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kenworthy, and sister Mable, all of 532 Ninth st.; Pvt (f.c.) Clifford Kenworthy and Pvt (f.c.) Fred Kenworthy, both in the Dutch East Indies and a half-brother, Lester Kenworthy, 1354 Stewart st.

Source: The Des Moines Tribune, January 3, 1945 (photo included)

Georgia Simms Kenworthy, 32 , of 900 S.W. Sixty-second st., is the widow of a combat engineer who was killed in the "Battle of the Bulge," Dec 17, 1944. Before entering the service, Pfc. Kenneth P. Kenworthy had been a mixed chemist for Pennsylvania Dixie Cement Corp. Mrs. Kenworthy, now editorial analyst for the Meredith Publishing co. agreed that "maybe" she would marry again "for companionship". She added that "there are so many things hard to understand about war - why one man was taken, another spared; why the postwar world so upset. But Ken was of a happy-go-lucky nature, taking things as they came. I believe he would have been happy even now with all the trouble we seem to be having.

Source: The Des Moines Register, May 26, 1946