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Lt. John W. Kappmeyer





Adjutant General's Office Reported He Was in Action Over Germany at Schweinfurt

First Lt. John W. "Bud" Kappmeyer, 21, of Oelwein has been reported missing in action over Schweinfurt, Germany, since Oct. 14, according to a message received by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Kappmeyer, of Oelwein, who were former residents of Fayette. The message comes from the Adjutant General.

"Bud" or "Jack" grew to manhood in Fayette, graduating in 1939, form the Fayette high school, where he was prominent in athletics, playing on the same football squad with Lt. John E. Wagner, who was killed in action in the South Pacific on Oct. 18. These two young men were in a class of 18 boys, and all but one or two of them are in the country's service.

Cited for Service

Two days before the receipt of the wire, Mr. and Mrs. Kappmeyer received a letter from his commanding officer informing them that their son had received the Air Medal and a citation for "exceptionally meritorious service, while participating in five different bombing raids over Europe" at the recommendation of Brig. Gen. Williams.

Immediately after graduation from high school he entered Parks Air College at East St. Louis, Ill., then went to March Field, Calif., and the to Albuquerque, N.M.

He entered cadet training in September, 1942 and received his wings May 20, 1943. During the summer he left for England. Bud was a fine youth and has many friends.

Source: Fayette County Leader, Thursday, Oct. 28, 1943

The life of John W. Kappmeyer from Oelwein, Iowa. POW in Germany during World War II and Principal at Maynard High School.  (Book cover includes photograph)

Source: A Brief Biography of John W. Kappmeyer, by author, Martin Skubinna