Sioux County

Pfc. Miles Jones




“I didn’t know much about the navy when I enlisted  in the marines in the Spring of 1942, as I was finishing my last year in high school, but it didn’t take me long to learn,” says Pfc. Miles Jones, who arrived Tuesday from New Albany, Ind., where he had spent a few days with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Jones, former Hawarden residents.  Hawarden is still home to Pfc. Jones, and as he reminisced while serving in the Pacific war theater, he made up his mind that he would come here on his first furlough after his return to the United States.  He did so this week.

Pfc. Jones served 17 months on Bougainville and was on the front lines for 58 days. Later, he became ill with malaria and filarsis, the latter a tropical disease which medical me find hard to combat. He returned to the United States in June, 1944, and was hospitalized in the naval hospital at Oakland, Calif., until recently. While in Oakland, he saw his younger brother, Billy, who is now serving as a gunner on a transport in the South Pacific.

He will report for duty at Cleveland, Ohio, the latter part of this month for reassignment.

Source: Hawarden Independent, Thursday, May 3, 1945