Des Moines County

Lt. Ned Oscar Hunger

Died Sept. 9, 1944


Burlington Junior College Basketball Team -- Ned Hunger is in the back row, 2nd from the right.

Source: Quad City Times, Davenport, IA - Monday, March 11, 1940

In all cases next of kin previously have been notified and have been informed directly by the War Department of any change in status. The list follows:

European Area—Second Lieutenant Ned O. Hunger, Burlington:

Source: Carroll Daily Times, Wednesday, January 17, 1945

Those from Mt. Pleasant who attended the memorial service for Ned Hunger at the Trinity Lutheran Church in Burlington on Sunday were Albert Riepe and family, Mrs. Otto Riepe and Rachel and Mrs. Warrant Housel.

Source: Mt. Pleasant News, Mt. Pleasant, IA - Wednesday, September 26, 1945

Ned O. Hunger
Level of Education: 2 years of college
Marital Status:  Single, without dependents
Birth: 1922
Philippine Islands
Residence: Des Moines County, Iowa

In 2017

Gathering at Epinal American Cemetery with Children and people of Arches, the city who has adopted Lieutenant Hunger’s grave.  (Photos of the beautiful ceremony included with his link below)

Source: Lt. Ned Hunger