O'Brien County

Kenneth Heijn



Our Neighbors in the Services

Sheldon, Iowa—Kenneth Heijn, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jake Hiejn of Sheldon, is now stationed in the Solomon Islands with the marines. He is one of five Heijn boys who are either in defense work or in the service. Paul is employed at Buffalo, N.Y., by a lens company as an optical research specialist working on periscopes, telescopes, lenses and other items; Staff Sergeant Guy Heijn is stationed with American troops in the Aleutian islands; Jack Heijn, formerly a member of Company I, Sheldon national guard unit, is overseas, and Richard Heijn, formerly a member of Company B, Sheldon Iowa state guard unit, is in an army training camp.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, May 5, 1943


These Iowans, like the many carried here in previous Honor Roll listings, have given their lives for their country. Each one was either killed in actual combat or died in prison camp. The fourth line beneath each photograph indicates the war area in which the Iowan was serving. Additional pictures will be carried on future Sundays.

Source: The  Des Moines Register, Sunday, February 6, 1944  (photo included)