Black Hawk County

Pvt. (f.c.) Earl O. Heer




The survey disclosed that 24 Iowa WACs are the wives of men in service.  A large number of WACs have a least three brothers in service.  More than half the number of the Iowa women have at least one member of their immediate family, husband, brother, parents, sister, or children, serving in some capacity.  In a few cases, more than one woman of the family has “joined up.”

A 100 per cent war service family is that of the Earl Heers, Cedar Falls.  The five members are:  Pvt. Bessie E. Heer, the mother, and Corp. Evelyn V. Heer, the daughter, in the WAC;
Pvt. (f.c.) Earl O. Heer, the father, overseas; Pvt. Robert S. Heer, a Japanese prisoner; and James Heer, in the navy.

Source: The Des Moines Register, December 5, 1943