Decatur County

Cpl. Frase C. Havard




Corp. Frase Havard Honored At Party

A group of neighbors and friends gathered at the home of Mrs. Jennie Havard Friday night, July 31, in honor of Corporal Frase C. Havard, who was home on a nine day furlough, from Fort Bliss, Texas. Ice cream, cake and cookies were served.

Those who were present were:Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Fletcher and son, Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Larson and son, Mr. and Mrs. Jont Jones and Ruby, Mr. and Mrs. Winston Pace and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hopkins, Marjorie, Donnie, Arletta and Harry, Mr. and Mrs. Paul German, Max and Kay, Mrs. C. N. Lamb, Alberta, Maxine and Clark, Marvin Busick, Mr. and Mrs. Owen Chew, Mrs. Junior Price, Mrs. James Carrel, Mr. and Mrs. James McGreevy, Mr. and Mrs. Willie Trumm, Mr. and Mrs. George Pederson and son, Willie Jones, Iris and Jimmie, Duane Hill, Glen Davis, Willene Chew, Bessie Jackson, Berle Butler, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Chew and Howard Wilkie.

Source:  The Grand River Local, August 6, 1942