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Pvt. LeRoy Hartman



Source: Photograph included with the Theodore Hartman Sr. family biography in the 1996 Plymouth County Heritage book, page 112

Pvt. LeRoy Hartman of Camp Cooke, Calif., Mrs. LeRoy Hartman, daughter Lois Ann of Kingsley, visited in the home of Mrs. Mary Hartman the past week. Pvt. Hartman returned Sunday after spending a 15-day furlough.

Source: LeMars Globe-Post, Thursday, March 4, 1943

News of the Boys in the Service.

Pfc. Louis Hartman, who has been in the active fighting in Africa and Italy the past six months, arrived home last week on furlough and is visiting his mother, Mrs. Mary Hartman, of LeMars.  Pvt. Hartman has three brothers in the service, Pvt. Theodore Hartman, Pvt. Leroy Hartman, and Pvt. Raymond Hartman, all stationed at present in England.

Source: The LeMars Sentinel, Tuesday, May 23, 1944

Three Men Report For Military Duty

Three Plymouth County young men left Monday night for Fort Snelling, Minn., to report of military service.  Robert J. Warren, Akron, and Francis N. Muller, Remsen, left from LeMars and Gerald J. Kenaley, who had been in South Bend, Indiana, reported from that board.

The following Plymouth County men have filed discharges from service with the local draft board since last Thursday afternoon:

LeRoy Hartman, LeMars  

Source: The LeMars Sentinel, December 4, 1945