Decatur County

Ralph Glazebrook




Letters From Our Boys In Service

Hi, Keith [the Editor],

How's everything in Grand River? They put me way down here in Austin, Texas, at a new camp and gee, is there a lot of work here getting it fixed up? There are about one thousand boys coming in here every day.

Ralph Glazebrook is here, too. He is in the same Regiment that I am but different company. I am in Co. L. and he is in Co. A.

I would have written to you sooner but was too busy. It sure has been plenty warm here.

This camp will consist of everything but the Air Corps. There are about 35,000 acres in the Camp area so you see it's not such a small camp.

Well that's all I can think of at the present and I am thanking you in advance for the paper.

Your friend,

Pvt. Woodrow Zimmerman
Co. L. 378th Inf.
A.P.O. No. 95
Camp Swift, Texas

Source:  The Grand River Local, August 6, 1942