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Lt. Marvin B. Gephart




WOUNDED IN ITALY -- Pfc. Marvin B. Gephart, son of Mr. and Mrs. H.F. Gephart, 1220 Massachusetts S.W., was wounded in action in Italy on Sept. 17, according to a telegram received by his parents Monday.

Pfc. Gephart entered the service with the national guard from Mason City in 1941, and was a member of the Palace Guards stationed in north Africa before being sent to take part in the Anzio beachhead invasion.

Source: Mason City Globe-Gazette, October 3, 1944 (photo included)

Silver Star to Local Officer of Gallantry Under Fire

Lt. Marvin Gephart Inspired Men to Repulse Attack

Second Lieutenant Marvin B. Gephart recently was awarded the silver star for gallantry in action on the 5th army front in northern Italy, according to word received here from m headquarters of that army.

Gephart is a member of Company F, 133rd infantry regiment of the 34th "Red Bull" division.

While occupying a house, a small force of riflemen and 2 machinegun squads were attacked by a strong enemy force. Enemy hand grenades, smoke bombs, machine gun and rifle fire poured into opening of the building confusing and disorganizing the surprised defenders, it was stated.

Gephart raced upstairs in the building and opened fire on the enemy with a heavy caliber machine gun. When the gun jammed, he jumped to the top of the emplacement and maintained a withering fire into the enemy force with a light machine gun mounted there.

His ceaseless machine gun fire so reassured and inspired his men that they took up on the fight with the enemy and soon repulsed the attack.

Lt Gephart's courageous and exemplary leadership was exemplary and a distinct credit to the armed forces of the United States," the citation read.

He is the son of Mrs. Lila E. Gephart, 1220 Massachusetts, S.E.

Source: Mason City Globe-Gazette, March 30, 1945 (photo included)