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S/Sgt. William S. Flummer




Fighting along the Arno river in Italy with the 133d infantry regiment of the fifth army that has proved a nightmare to battered German troops throughout the fifth army’s Italian campaign.

Includes: Staff Sgt. William S. Flummer, of route three Lineville, who is squad leader; Clarence P. Bright, route three, Lineville, a gunner; Corporal Lloyd C. Helton, a switchboard operator; Pfc. Lowell R. Spicer, machine gunner; Corporal John W. Scott, a wireman of Leon. These Yanks have been overseas nearly three years.

The 133d infantry regiment of the famous 34th “Red Bull” division has piled up more hours in actual combat than many American divisions have time overseas. The veteran fifth army regiment first blazed its guns at a cocky enemy in the boney mountains ranges of Tunisia and defeated the Krauts in the famous battle for Hill 09. Backed from Tunisia to the Arno, the defeated-written faces of retreating German troops are still haunted by the Red Bulls who have gored the enemy at Cassion, Anzio and in crushing drives above Rome.

Decatur County Auxiliary Scrapbook
Submission by Decatur County Historical Museum, Leon IA, Sara Rose Joan LeFleur, June of

William Sylvester “Bill" Flummer was born Jan. 4, 1915 to William Martin and Jennie Florence Sarver Flummer. He died Sept. 30, 1944 and is buried in Leon Cemetery, Leon, IA.

Sgt. Flummer served in World War II with the U.S. Army 133rd Infantry Regiment, 34th Division and was KIA in Italy.

Source: ancestry.com