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Thomas W. Fife, Jr



Thomas Fife, Jr. Gets Appointment to Army Academy

Thomas W. Fife, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Fife, 2706 Nebraska Street, has received a letter from Senator B. B. Hickenlooper notifying him of this appointment to become a cadet at the United States military academy at West Point. He will enter the academy in July.

Mr. Fife was graduated from Wentworth, military academy at Lexington, Mo., in August, 1943, and later attended Iowa State College at Ames for two quarters. He joined the combat engineers in March 1944 and was overseas for five months serving in Luxembourg and during the battle of the bulge in Belgium.

Congressman Charles B. Hoeven asked for his return last March 6, to prepare for an appointment at West Point. After three months at Cornell College Mr. Fife was sent to the officer’s training school at Fort Belvoir, Va., and was graduated from that school last Friday. He arrived home on a 10-day leave for a visit with his parents last Monday. On expiration of his leave he will return to Fort Belvoir to await further orders.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, February 7, 1946 (photo included)