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Manchester, Ia.—(Special)—The attack by Japanese on Pearl Harbor, T. H., Sunday brings war close to home for several Manchester families who have boys in naval service stationed at Pearl Harbor. The boys enlisted include: L. G. Bushnell and Clark Bushnell; Robert S. Bardtman, son of Thomas Bardtman; G. C. Struck, son of Mrs. Anna Struck; Herbert B. Cox, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Cox; Howard D. Danford, son of Mr. and Mrs. Glen H. Danford; Donald Boone, son of Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Boone; D. C. Wilson; E. W. Wilson; J. H. Burns; R. L. Anderson; L. H. Harrington; R. M. Hines; B. T. Sherman; Kyle Faust, son of Mrs. Luella Faust; Maynard May, son of Mr. and Mrs. T. D. May.

Source: Waterloo Daily Courier, December 9, 1941

Manchester, Ia.—Miss Vera Faust, 27, of Manchester, said to be the first Delaware county girl to enlist in the WAVES, has been sworn in at Des Moines as a member of that organization and is awaiting her call. The only daughter of Mrs. Luella Faust of this city, she graduated from Manchester High school in 1933, and is now assistant to Dr. J. W. Thompson, Manchester dentist. Miss Faust’s only brother, Kyle Faust, is a member of Uncle Sam’s Navy, and is now a second class water tender stationed at Norfolk, Va.  Kyle was one of the first six Manchester boys to enlist in the Navy, and he will have seen five years of service by next April.

Source: Waterloo Daily Courier, October 18, 1942

Both in the service and separated by thousands of miles, a brother and sister were reunited several days ago in the home of their mother, Mrs. Luella Faust of Manchester, after both had been granted leaves at the same time.   Pictured are Yeoman Vera Faust, who joined the WAVES eight months ago and who is now stationed in Washington D.C., and her brother, Kyle Faust, Navy machinist first class, who has been on destroyer duty in the Pacific for almost six years.

Source: Cedar Rapids Gazette, July 20, 1943 (photo included)

MANCHESTER—Thursday, April 6, was an anniversary for five out of six Manchester boys who were the first group to join from Manchester. These boys enlisted Apr. 6, 1942. The only casualty in the group was Maurice Curray, machinist’s mate second class and son of Charles Curray of this city, who lost his life during combat action on the cruiser Vincennes.

The others were Maynard May, son of Mr. and Mrs. T. D. May; Robert Morrissey, Freddie Arnold, John Sly and Kyle Faust. May, Morrissey and Arnold have not had furloughs at home since they left Manchester.

Kyle Faust, son of Mrs. Luella Faust, first class gunner on a destroyer, has been home for brief furloughs.

Morrissey is boatswain’s mate first class now on duty on a tanker in the Atlantic.

Source:  Waterloo Daily Courier, April 9, 1944

Manchester Man Is Missing After Destroyer Sinking

Special to The Gazette.
– Chief Petty Officer Kyle Faust, 26, has been missing since Dec. 28, 1944, when the destroyer Spence, on which he was serving, sank during a typhoon, his mother, Mrs. Luella Faust, has been advised by the Navy department.

Faust was one of six Manchester men who enlisted in the Navy in April, 1938. Another one of the six, Maurice Curray, lost his life on the cruiser Vincennes in 1942.

Before he was attached to the Spence, Faust served on the battleship California and the destroyer Sly.  He visited his mother last September while on leave.  A sister, Vera Faust, is in the WAVES.

Source:  Cedar Rapids Gazette, January 16, 1945 (photo included)

Manchester Navy Man, Kyle Faust, Declared Dead

Manchester, Ia.—Chief Petty Officer Kyle Faust, 26, who had been reported missing in action since Dec. 29, by the Navy department, has been officially declared killed in action, by a communication just received by his mother, Mrs. Thomas B. Armstrong of this city.

Faust, who had been a member of the destroyer Spence’s crew since 1943, was lost when that ship was the victim of a typhoon in the Pacific area. Kyle, is the second fatality in the first group of five young men to enlist from Manchester in April, 1938.

Faust received his boot training at Great Lakes, Ill., was later assigned to the battleship, California, later to the destroyer Schley, and following the Jap attack on Pearl Harbor, was engaged in convoy duty in the Atlantic region.  Kyle visited his mother here last September, and his last letter to her was dated Nov. 29. 

Kyle was born in Manchester Sept. 8, 1918, attended Manchester high school, and became an employee of the Manchester Auto and Supply Co. here while in his junior year at school.  On May 17, 1942, he married Miss Lucille Gilreath, who is now living with her mother at Portsmouth, Va.  Also surviving is a sister, Miss Vera Faust, of the WAVES, stationed at Washington, D.C.

Young Faust was a veteran of the Pacific area, having participated in engagements in the Marshall Islands, the Carolinas, Gilberts and others, and was at Pearl Harbor when it was attacked.  On his eastern missions, he went to Casablanca and other far distant points.

Source: Waterloo Daily Courier, February 13, 1945