Bremer County


Pvt. Ward Farnum









Mr. and Mrs. G.E. Farnum received word recently that their two sons, Lt. Gayle Farnum (U.I.U student) in the army air corps and Pvt Ward Farnum in the paratroopers had succeeded in finding each other in England. On a recent trip to London, Gayle contacted army authorities and found the location of his brother's A.P.O. number, and was surprised to find Ward's camp was only 20 miles from his in northern England. He went to Ward's camp only to find he was pending the night Oct. 7-8 at a nearby town. Officers at the camp and he and Ward had a little more than an hour before he had to catch his train back to camp. According to the letter, Ward expected to get a pass to spend the following week at Gayle's camp.

Source: Fayette County Leader, November 9, 1944