Emmet County

Pfc. A. R. Ellison



With the FORCES


Pfc. A. R. Ellison, who is stationed in the Pacific with the U.S. Marines, wrote a letter dated Sept. 20, to a friend in Estherville, which reads is part:

“For the last few weeks I have been fairly busy moving around and I haven’t much time to write to anyone, but now that I have started to settle down once more, I’m trying to catch up.

“I suppose the football team is in its stages of being developed in to another Lakes Conference champion.  I hope there is good material back there for another glorious season.  I have found out from experience that team work is essential. I hope the team has plenty of it this years,  If so, there will be another winning team to go down in the records of EHS.

“I am in a good outfit now. It is one of the best regiments in the Marines. It has a high tradition and every person is trying to uphold it.  It has proven itself in every battle it has been through. We have a superb bunch of leaders.

“About all the time that I have left so will have to close.”

Source: Estherville Daily News, October 4, 1944