Emmet County

Lt. William N. Deming
Photo published Estherville Daily News, April 25, 1942


With The Colors

Cadet William Deming was promoted to an upperclassman in the Navy Air Corps. He is in advance training, and is taking up dive bombing at the present time.  In his letter to his father, he stated that he got to fly SNC planes, which are low wing monoplanes with 450 hp. They use these for cross country work, formation carrier tactics. The SBC’s which are biplanes with 950 hp. Are used for the actual dive bombing practice. Bill is at Corpus Christi, Tex.

Source: Estherville, Vindicator-Republican, April 7, 1942

Our Neighbors in Service

Estherville, Ia.—First Lieut. William N. Deming of the marine air force writes relatives here that he has recently been transferred from a base in the Pacific to another one. “This base is the prettiest one so far, the kind of south sea island pictured in travel folders, but I’d rather see one acre of Iowa corn than all the palm trees you can pack in a section of land.” He said.

Source: The Sioux City Journal, August 4, 1943