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Capt. Thomas H. Delamore


Thomas H. Delamore was born Dec. 26, 1912 to Harry P. and Margaret McMahon Delamore. He died Jan. 9, 1945 and is memorialized at the Walls of the Missing, Manila American Cemetery, Taguig City, Philippines and at Corpus Christi Cemetery, Fort Dodge, IA.

Capt. Delamore served in World War II with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and became a POW. He was transferred from the prisoner of war ship “Oryoku Maru” after the bombing of that ship on Dec. 15, 1944, to the Japanese prisoner of war steamship “Enoura Maru” which was subsequently bombed and sunk on Jan. 9, 1945 in Takao Harbor, Takao, Formosa. He was awarded the Legion of Merit and Purple Heart.