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18 Names Drawn For Army – To Go April 24
The following names were drawn Wednesday to be called to the army service on April 24th. They will leave Alton for Omaha next Thursday afternoon.
George De Boer, Hull – 757

Source: Sioux Center News April 17, 1941 p 13

Have to sell my four good milk cows at once. 2 ½ mi. N E of Hull, Ia. George W. De Boer

Source: De Volksvriend Apr. 17, 1941 p 4

George De Boer, who has been in Co. M, 135th Infantry, 34th Division, at Camp Claiborne, La., returned home the past week, having been honorably discharged from the Army.   

Source: Sioux County Index Nov. 21, 1941 p 2

George De Boer was called back to training. He had been honorably discharged in the group over 28 years of age.

Source: Sioux County Capital Jan. 15, 1942 p 16

Private George De Boer, who is now stationed at Camp Crowder, Mo., is spending a fifteen-day furlough in the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter De Boer. George received his furlough so he could visit with his sister, Mrs. Adrian Boer, whom he had not seen for over two years.

Source: Sioux County Index Apr. 2, 1942 p 2

George De Boer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter De Boer, who is still on M. P. duty at Camp Crowder, Mo., came home last week Wednesday on a ten-day furlough. He will return on Friday.

Source: Sioux County Index Sept. 24, 1942 p 16

Fort Omaha, Nov. 11, 1942
Dear Editor:
I’ve been sent to Fort Omaha with 23 others from Camp Crowder, for advanced M. P. training. There are M. P.’s here from different camps of the 7th Corps area. We are to have one month’s training here and then sent back to Camp Crowder. We left Camp Crowder last Saturday afternoon and got here Sunday morning. As far as I know we’ll go back again December 5. We get a great deal of lectures here, some drilling, and also see movies on M. P. training. Our “chow” is very good here, but our sleeping quarters are crowded. I would like to have you send the Index here until December 5. Thanking you very much until I see you again.
Yours truly – George
PFC George W. De Boer
Military Police Training Center
Barracks 66-F
Fort Omaha, Nebraska

Source: Sioux County Index Nov. 19, 1942 p 9

George De Boer was taken ill with flu while stationed at Omaha, Nebr., and is now in a hospital in Denver. His address now is:
Pfc. George W. De Boer
Lower Center, Fitzsimons General Hospital, U.S. Army
Denver, Colorado

Source: Sioux County Index Jan. 14, 1943 p 10

Camp Crowder, Mo.
Dear Sirs:
Having fully recuperated, will you send the Index to Camp Crowder again. Thanks a lot – George
His address is:
Pfc. George W. De Boer
M. P. Company, U. S. Army
Camp Crowder, Missouri

Source: Sioux County Index Apr. 22, 1943 p 9

A new address is that of:
Pfc. George W. De Boer
Co. B. Star. Unit
S. C. U. 3702, University of Nebr.
Lincoln, Nebr.

Source: Sioux County Index July 22, 1943 p 15

Pfc. George W. De Boer, Co. A. A. Stu. Regis College, Carrol Hall, Denver, Colo.

Source: Sioux County Capital Aug. 12, 1943 p 13

Cadet George W. De Boer
4 A Cas. Cent.
Camp Polk, Louisiana

Source: Sioux County Index Apr. 6, 1944 p 9

Pfc. George W. De Boer 37037464
445th Ord. H. A. M. Co.
Camp Livingston, Louisiana

Source: Sioux County Index Aug. 10, 1944 p 9

Pvt. George W. De Boer, from Camp Livingston, La., arrived home Friday evening on a 10-day furlough.

Source: Sioux County Index Oct. 5, 1944 p 8

Pfc. George W. De Boer of Hull, has this new address: 445th Ord. HAM Co., APO 17366, New York, N. Y.

Source: Sioux Center News Oct. 26, 1944 p 23

Pfc. George W. De Boer, son of Walter De Boer of Hull, has a slight change of address. His APO number has changed to 758. His complete address is on file at the News Office.

Source: Sioux Center News Jan. 18, 1945 p 2

Notes And Addresses Of Service Personnel
This Column Contains Interesting Items Concerning Our Boys And Girls In Service
6th Army Group, France – Although members of the 445th Ordnance Company are rookies in the U. S. Army’s chain of ordnance organizations, they have met the highly important task of operating a major parts pool. This job calls for speedy processing of general purpose vehicles received fresh from the United States and delivery of the processed product to lower echelon maintenance units directly supporting front-line troops of Lt. Gen. Jacob L. Dever’s 6th Army Group.

Officially designated as experts at heavy automotive maintenance, these ordnance men have turned all their energies to prove capability at their special new mission. Already they are meeting 10-hour front-line delivery deadline for 37 percent of their allocation. They are hard-put finding temporary storage space for vehicles processed beyond allocation demands.

“Although comparative newcomers, my men are producing like a veteran outfit”, said Capt. French J. Berry of Enloe, Texas, the commanding officer. “They realize the importance of the job, the need for teamwork to accomplish it. They keep vehicles rolling off our lines.”

Processing entails checking, tightening, adjusting and servicing. The inspector’s final O. K. means a vehicle ready for combat duty, with no need for further checkup by the unit receiving it.

Personnel of the 445th Ordnance Company includes Army-trained mechanics, machinists, painters, welders, small arms experts, cooks and clerks. The company’s small arms section repairs small caliber weapons, has them back in front-line action within 24 hours of their recovery from the battlefield. The organization’s machinists manufacture tools and parts when necessary to meet demands of an emergency nature.

Activated December 20, 1943, at Camp Hood, Texas, the 445th began foreign service November 13, 1944. Members of the 445th Ordnance Company include: Cpl. George W. De Boer of Hull.

Source: Sioux County Index Mar. 15, 1945 p 1 & 8

George De Boer, son of Walter De Boer of Hull was recently promoted to T/5. He writes that he is very busy, but cannot say much about his work. His address is on file at the News Office.

Source: Sioux Center News Apr. 12, 1945 p 11

Cpl. George W. De Boer 37037464
Det. I-378 Co. H., 3rd M. G. Regt.
APO 403, c/o Postmaster
New York, N. Y.

Source: Sioux Center News Aug. 16, 1945 p 2

George W. DeBoer Draft Registration Card

Contributor’s Note: The WWII Bonus file for George W. De Boer states that he returned from overseas on Dec. 25, 1945 and was discharged on Dec. 30, 1945.