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Sioux County Boys, 21, Registered For Service

177 Sioux County boys, who have reached the age of 21 since October 1, 1940, have registered for military service. The registration took place in the Orange City town hall all day Tuesday. The men who were in charge of the registration (without pay) were Gerrit Juffer, Ireton; Maurice Te Paske, Sioux Center; James Goebel, Alton; Ellis Wood, Hawarden.
Just how the new registrants will be drawn has not been announced. They will not be tacked on to the end of the old list, however, but will be spread thru the balance of the old list by some fair method. Nearly all of these boys will fall into Class 1-A and a large percentage will see service.

A radio announcement Tuesday evening said that the President had signed the bill exempting men who had reached the age of 28 years or older.

The following is the complete list of boys who were registered on Tuesday in this county. They are listed as they were copied from loose cards:
George De Boer, Rock Valley;

Source: Sioux Center News July 3, 1941 p 1 & 21

The Lebanon Young People gave a farewell party Thursday evening in the church basement for August Ykema and George De Boer. August Ykema left Friday for service in the army. George De Boer, who enlisted in the Naval Air Corps left this week Monday.

Source: Sioux Center News Feb. 19, 1942 p 5

These are the addresses of the Lebanon soldiers: George De Boer, Great Lakes Naval Training Station, Camp Berry, Company 150, Great Lakes, Ill.

Source: Sioux Center News Mar. 5, 1942 p 15

George De Boer At Great Lakes
Great Lakes, Ill. – George De Boer, 22, son of Mr. Jelle De Boer, Rock Valley, Iowa, has been received at the U. S. Naval Training Station here and will undergo several weeks intensive training in the fundamentals of seamanship. Upon completion of this training and upon the basis of aptitude tests, he may receive further specialized instruction at one of the Navy’s numerous trade and service schools, or be sent directly to sea for service afloat.

Source: Rock Valley Bee Mar. 6, 1942 p 1

George De Boer, who is stationed at the Great Lakes Naval training station near Chicago, arrived home Sunday for a furlough in the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jelle De Boer, who live near Lebanon.

Source: Sioux Center News Apr. 9, 1942 p 22

George De Boer left on Friday for the Great Lakes Naval Training Station in Illinois. He spent several days visiting at the parental Jelle De Boer home near Sioux Center.

Source: Sioux Center News Apr. 16, 1942 p 13

George De Boer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jelle De Boer sends his new address: George De Boer, A.S. Co. 14 Sec D. 91, Navy Pier, Chicago, Ill.

Source: Sioux Center News, Apr. 23, 1942 p 11

Finish Sheet Metal Course
Richard Brandsma, F3c, U.S. Navy, writes that …. He and George De Boer, another Rock Valley boy at the Pier, get quite a kick each week out of reading the home news in the Bee, he says. They have finished one-half of their school term which consisted of three months of sheet metal work. They have been riveting aluminum patches on fuselages of planes, which is really a trick to learn. All this together with some good class work and a good navy fitness program really keeps them busy. They now have welding for 3 months and will graduate October 23.

Source: Rock Valley Bee Aug. 7, 1942 p 8

Training At Navy School
(photo included)
George De Boer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jelle De Boer of Rock Valley is taking extensive technical training at the Navy Pier school in Chicago where he is stationed with the U.S. Navy. He plans to graduate sometime in October. His address is: George De Boer, F3C, Co. 14, Sec. D, Billet 091, U. S. Naval Training School; Navy Pier, Chicago, Ill.

Source: Sioux Center News Sept. 24, 1942 p 1

Soldier Letter
Hollywood, Florida
10 21-24
Dear Ed:
Just a few lines to let you know where I am and where to mail the paper to.
This place is as beautiful as the tourist advertisements claim. I never have seen anything quite so beautiful. The weather is very nice and we are wearing our white uniforms here. During the day it is fairly warm and at night it is cool enough to use a blanket.
This school was formerly a military academy for cadets but hasn’t been used for years. The buildings are beautiful. We live like kings here. Four men to a room. And the chow is the best food I’ve eaten in the navy.
I haven’t started school as yet but expect to start about the 1st of Nov. I’ll be here for about 6-8 weeks I think. The course last four weeks.
Well, Ed, I have a lot of letters to write so I’ll just sign off.
Just to let you know that we fella’s in the service hope you keep up the section in the paper pertaining to the boys in service, let me say that is where I get all my addresses of the fella’s and it is the part I read first.
Until later then, Ed, keep them presses rolling.
Yours truly,
Geo. De Boer
George De Boer A.M.M. 3-c
Aviation Free Gunnery School
Hollywood, Florida

Source: Sioux Center News Oct. 29, 1942 p 19

George De Boer has been moved from Hollywood, Florida to San Diego, Calif. He is now on an outgoing unit, probably will stay there a month or so as he expects to be sent out. His present address:
George De Boer, A.M.M. 3-c
General Detail New Barracks
Destroyer Base, San Diego, Calif.

Source: Sioux Center News Dec. 17, 1942 p 12

George De Boer and S/Sgt. Tony Ykema have left for active duty overseas, according to word which was received by their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jelle De Boer and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ykema.

Source: Sioux Center News Jan. 21, 1943 p 12

George De Boer, who was thought to be on the sea has been on maneuvers in the desert instead for a week. He is now stationed in a new camp in San Diego working on a new kind of sea plane. He is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Jelle De Boer. Following is his address: George De Boer A.M.M. 3c, T.T.S. P.F. T.S.U., c.o. Fleet P.M., San Diego, Calif.

Source: Sioux Center News Jan. 28, 1943 p 10

Dear Ed:
Just a few lines to let you know that I have a slight change of address again. My address now is:
George De Boer A.M.M. 3-c
T.T.S., P.F, V.P. 102
c.o. Fleet P.M.
San Diego, Calif.
I’m still in San Diego and expect to be here for some time yet. I don’t know for sure, of course.
I enjoy the paper very much and only hope it keeps coming. I located Herman Kooiman yesterday here in San Diego. Thanks to your page devoted to us folks in the service.
Thanks again for sending the paper and lots of luck to you all.
Yours truly,
P.S. If you need any money for subscription rates just let me know. Adios.

Source: Sioux Center News Mar. 24, 1943 p 9

George De Boer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jelle De Boer of Rock Valley, also has a change of address and his new one is as follows: George De Boer AMM 2c, Hedron FAW14, San Diego, Calif.

Source: Sioux Center News July 8, 1943 p 8

At San Diego
George De Boer A.M.M. 2c
George De Boer, son of Jelle De Boer formerly of Rock Valley, is still stationed at San Diego, Calif. He was home on a 15-day leave recently to see his father who was quite ill at the time. He also had the pleasure of seeing his sisters, Mrs. G. Zuiderveen and Mrs. J. Hoekstra from Grand Rapids, Mich. who came home for that purpose.
At the time of his leave, George’s wife was visiting at the De Boer residence at Doon, Iowa. She is now visiting relatives in Chicago, Ill. and hopes to join her husband later.
They were married last March in San Diego, Calif. She is the former Wilma Boersma, daughter of William Boersma of Chicago, Ill. His address:
George De Boer A.M.M. 2c
Hedron F.A.W. 14 N.A.S.
San Diego, Calif.

Source: Sioux Center News Aug. 5, 1943 p 1

George De Boer A.M.M. 2c has been spending a furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jelte De Boer.

Source: Alton Democrat Mar. 30, 1944 p 6

Former S.C. Farmer Dies at R.V. Home
Jelle De Boer passed away at his home here Wednesday morning, April 19, 1944 after a long illness of cancer.
He is survived by his wife and eight children as follows: …., Goerge De Boer of the United States Navy, …..
George De Boer of the Navy could not be contacted.

Source: Sioux Center News April 27, 1944 p 1

George De Boer, AMM 2c, has been assigned to an aircraft carrier in the Pacific Ocean.

Source: Rock Valley Bee May 5, 1944 p 15

Servicemen Discharged
Servicemen who have filed discharges in the County Recorders Office at Orange City since October 3 include the following:
George De Boer

Source: Sioux Center News Oct. 11, 1945 p 2

George De Boer A.M.M. 2c received his discharge from the Navy on Sept. 29th after having been in the service since Feb. 1942. He plans to live in Chicago.

Source: Sioux Center News Oct. 11, 1945 p 24