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2nd Son of Osage Family of 6 Soldiers Gives His Life

DIAZ FAMILY OFFERS 6 SONS -- Word received this week by Mr. and Mrs. Baldo Dias, Osage, stated that their son, S.Sgt Felix Diaz, has been killed in Germany.  A brother, Lupe Diaz, died in a veteran's hospital in December, 1940. Pfc. John Diaz is a prisoner of the Japs. The other 3 brothers are all serving in France.

One is Jap Prisoner; 3 Serving in France

OSAGE—Mr. and Mrs. Baldo Diaz received word Tuesday that their son, S. Sgt. Felix Diaz, was killed in action somewhere in Germany, Nov. 30. He was one of 6 sons to serve their country, 2 of whom have given their lives.

A brother, Pvt. Lupe Diaz, entered the service in December, 1940, and received a medical discharge from the army at West Palm Beach, Fla.  He entered a veterans hospital, underwent a major operation and died June 2, 1944.

Pfc. John Diaz, another brother, is a prisoner of war of the Japanese, captured in March, 1942.

Another brother, T/5 Richard Diaz, is with an engineering division in France, and still another brother is M.Sgt. Phillip Diaz now doing clerical work in the 2nd commander zone in France.

A half-brother, of the above boys, is Pvt. Alvin DaBillo who was wounded in France in August, 1944, and hospitalized in England.  He recovered and is back on active duty in France.

Sgt. Felix Diaz was born in Mason City in May, 1925, and moved with his parents to Osage when he was 2 years old. He attended the Osage public schools and achieved a high scholastic record. He also was a star athlete, especially outstanding as a wrestler.

Felix entered the service in September, 1943, was trained in Colorado and Nebraska, and was sent to England in June, 1944.

John entered the service in December, 1940. He was sent to the Philippines in March, 1941.

Source: The Mason City Globe-Gazette, January 4, 1945 (Six photos included)