Decatur County

Sgt. Charles C. Curtright




In Air Corps…

Charles Curtwright of 2214 E. 12th St. and son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Curtwright of Decatur, Iowa, who enlisted in the army air cops this week. He was sent to Ft. Logan for assignment to a training station. He will be a mechanic in the services.

Source: ~ Taken from the Local Newspaper 1942


Sgt. Charles C. Curtright, born Sept. 16, 1921, was inducted into the Army Air Corps. Sept. 1942. He attended Ft. Logan before being sent over-seas in December 1943. He returned to the States in Sept. 1944 and he was stationed at Santa Anna, Calif. His next of kin: his wife, Jeanne Cotton Curtright.

Transcriber’s Note: According to the Auxiliary Notes, Charles’ last name is spelled without a "W" but the newspaper article spells it with a "W". Today has military records that spell the name without the "W."

Source: Decatur County Women's Auxilary WWII Scrapbook; Submission by Decatur County Historical Museum, Leon IA, Sara Rose Joan LeFleur, June of 2016