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Henry Coulander




September Selective Service Roll Carries 63 Names
Sioux County's second largest draft contingent will leave for army examination Sept. 21, according to an announcement by the draft board this week. Sixty-three men will be called. Men in the group who pass their examinations will be sworn in and given a two weeks' furlough before being sent to the reception center for actual induction.
The men:
Henry Coulander, Rock Valley (1563).
Source: The Hawarden Independent Sept. 10, 1942

Leaves for Army Soon
Henry Coulander, who has been working for Joe De Witt the past four years, will leave for his final examination for army duty on September 21.

Source: Rock Valley Bee Sept. 11, 1942 p 1

Group Of Selectees Leave October 5th
The young men who passed the physical examination in Des Moines Sept. 21st and will leave for active and limited service in the U.S. army next Monday, Oct. 5th, following a 2 week furlough are: ..., Henry Coulander of Rock Valley.

Source: Sioux Center News Oct. 1, 1942 p 1

Pvt. Henry Coulander sends his new address as follows: Pvt. Henry Coulander, Army Air Base, Station Hospital, Warrensburg, Mo.

Source: Sioux Center News Nov. 5, 1942 p 4

A slight change should be noted in the address of Henry Coulander.
Pvt. Henry Coulander
Army Air Base, Barracks 4
Station Hospital
Knob Noster, Mo.

Source: Sioux Center News Nov. 19, 1942 p 10

Warrensburg, Mo.
Dec. 26, 1942
Dear Ed:
  I thought it was about time for me to drop you a few lines.  I have been receiving the News regularly every week, and I sure am glad to hear what is going on in good old Iowa.  The Iowa weather sure has this Missouri mud state all beat to blazes.  This camp where I'm stationed is pretty well out in the sticks.  But I don't think we should complain about anything.  We should consider ourselves lucky by what we read in the papers, and hear over the air, what our buddies are going through.  I wish to thank all my friends for their Xmas greetings they sent me.  I would like to thank each and every one of them personally, but I'm afraid that I'll never get around to that.  We are kinda short of manpower in this outfit, so we have to spend most of our time working, so that don't leave much time for writing letters. 
  Well I guess I'd better close my so called letter.  Thanks again, and may God bless you one and all.
Your friend,
Pvt. Henry Coulander
Sedalia A. A. Field,
Station Hospital
Warrensburg, Mo. Barrack 4

Source: Sioux Center News Dec. 31, 1942 p 8

List Of Names For Honor Roll Is Published
Names of 137 men and women from Rock Valley and vicinity, as follows, who are now serving or have served in the armed services, the Nurses' Corps or in the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps during this war will be the basis for the Honor Roll to be constructed and painted under the direction of the American Legion here in the near future.
Additional names will be added from time to time to keep the Honor Roll complete.
Where names as given below are incomplete as to initials, or incorrect as to spelling, the proper information should be given to Lawrence Richter, commander of Pfarrer-Fox Post.
It is very desirable that the list be accurate and complete before work on the Honor Roll starts and all information should be provided promptly.
Coulander, Henry
Source: Rock Valley Bee Jan. 29, 1943 p 1

Pvt. Henry Coulander, who is stationed at Warrensburg, Mo., is quarantined for measles.

Source: Sioux Center News Feb. 4, 1943 p 12

Henry Coulander spent a 10-day furlough at the home of his parents Mr. and Mrs. Gerrit Coulander and returned to his work at Sedalia Field on Sunday evening, leaving from Sioux City at midnight.

Source: Sioux Center News Apr. 22,1943 p 10

Pvt. Henry Coulander has this change of address: 70th T. C. Sq., 433rd Grp. S. A. Field, Warrensburg, Mo.

Source: Sioux Center News June 10, 1943 p 10

Pvt. Henry Coulander has been moved from Missouri to the following location in North Carolina: 70th Sqd. 433rd T.C. Gp., Laurinburg, Maxton, A.A. Base, Maxton, N.C.

Source: Sioux Center News June 24, 1943 p 2

Pvt. Henry Coulander has been transferred from Maxton, North Carolina to Med. Det. Alliance AAF, Alliance, Nebraska.

Source: Sioux Center News Sept. 9, 1943 p 10

Change of address:
Pvt. Henry Coulander

Medical Section A. A. Base
Station Hospital
Alliance, Nebraska

Source: Sioux Center News Jan. 6, 1944 p 2

Pvt. Henry Coulander of Alliance, Neb. came Tuesday to spend a furlough in the home of his father, Gerrit Coulander.

Source: The Hawarden Independent Feb. 3, 1944 p 6

Pvt. Henry Coulander left Thursday noon for Alliance, Nebr. after spending a ten day furlough here.

Source: Sioux Center News Feb. 17, 1944 p 5

We have received this new address:
Pvt. Henry Coulander
Med. Sect. A. A. B.
349 T. L. Sq.
Pope Field
Ft. Bragg, N. C.

Source: Sioux Center News Mar. 23, 1944 p 2

Pvt. Henry Coulander flew home by airplane from Louisville, Kentucky to spend a 10 day furlough with his parents and friends.  He expects to leave again on Monday.
New address:
Pvt. Henry Coulander
Hdq. Sec. 4th Combat Cargo Gp.
Bowman Field
Louisville, Kentucky

Source: Sioux Center News Sept. 7, 1944 p 8

Pvt. Henry Coulander left for camp in Louisville, Kentucky on Monday morning.

Source: Sioux Center News Sept. 14, 1944 p 8

Cpl. Henry Coulander has a new overseas address available at the News Office.

Source: Sioux Center News Mar. 8, 1945 p 8

Servicemen Discharged
The following servicemen have filed discharges at the County Recorder's Office at Orange City since Jan. 16:
Henry Coulander
Source: Sioux Center News Jan. 24, 1946 p 10