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Cpl. Robert G. Clark





A NINTH AIR FORCE SERVICE COMMAND UNIT, BAYREUTH, Germany—Cpl. Robert Clark, 32, of Stratford, Iowa, was thanked recently by Miss Ingrid Bergman, the academy-award-winning Hollywood star, for presenting her with “the best compliment I’ve ever received!”

After viewing a performance by the entertainment unit of which Miss Bergman was a member at Bayreuth’s world-famous Wagner opera house, Corporal Clark and several other soldiers went to the stage’s entrance to get Miss Bergman’s autograph.

Answered Questions

When the Hollywood actress had finished autographing invasion marks held forth by the group around her, she graciously answered questions asked by the soldiers.

Presently, only Clark and a 9th armored division man remained, discussing Hollywood and the movies with Miss Bergman. In the course of the conversation, Corporal Clark commented, “Miss Bergman, this isn’t just flattery or anything, but you’re my ideal of a dramatic actress, and….”

That was when the lovely Swedish star broke into a surprised grin, shook Corporal Clark’s hand and said, “Thank you, corporal; that’s the best compliment I’ve ever received.”

Son of Mr. and Mrs. Merl E. Clark, route 2, Stratford, Corporal Clark is now with the military police detachment of the 475th air service group’s headquarters and base service command squadron.

Overseas Since 1943

He has been overseas in England and the liberated countries of Europe since November, 1943, and has been awarded the purple heart medal, the American theatre of operations ribbon, the American defense ribbon, the European theatre of operations ribbon, and four bronze battle stars for his participation in the Normandy, northern France, Rhineland and central Europe campaigns. He graduated from the high school at Webster City in 1940.

His wife is Mrs. Patricia Clark, of Berkeley, Cal. Corporal and Mrs. Clark have one son, Gary Lee who is two years old.

Source: Daily Freeman Journal, Webster City, IA – August 11, 1945


Robert Gerald Clark was born Jan. 31, 1923 to Merl Edwin and Edna Irene Garth Clark. He died May 10, 1995 at Vallejo, CA.

Source: ancestry.com