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Cpl. Alfred J. Borgman



Men Will Report To Army For Induction Next Tuesday
One of the largest groups of draftees to leave Sioux County will report for induction into the army Aug. 18, it was announced this week. Those who qualify will be given the option of a two weeks' furlough.
Alfred J. Borgman of Sioux Center (2135)

Source: Hawarden Independent  Aug. 13, 1942 p 12

Pvt. Alfred Borgman, Co. M 7th Q.M. Regiment, Camp Lee, Virginia

Source: Sioux County Capital Sept. 17, 1942 p 2

Here is the address of Alfred Borgman, son of Jake Borgman:
Pvt. Alfred Borgman
259th Military Police Co.
St. Augustine, Florida

Source: Sioux Center News Nov. 12, 1942 p 9

Pfc. Alfred Borgman, Auto Mechanic School, 1524 Gallatin Road, Nashville, Tennessee.

Source: Sioux County Capital Mar. 18, 1943 p 7

Change of address:
Cpl. Alfred J. Borgman 37427976
59th Military Police Co.
APO 3767, c.o. Postmaster,
New York City, N.Y.
He is now in North Africa, having arrived recently.  Alfred is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Jake Borgman living three and a half miles east of Old Sioux Center.  He has been in the army since Sept. 1st, 1942, took an eight week course in mechanics at Nashville, Tenn.  He was married on March 13th of this year to a young lady from Nashville, Tenn.

Source: Sioux Center News July 1, 1943 p 10

First Reformed Church Lists Addresses Of Men In Service
Cpl. Alfred J. Borgman 37427976
59th Military Police Co.
APO 617-2, c.o. Postmaster,
New York City, N.Y.

Source: Sioux County Capital Nov. 11, 1943 p 6

Cpl. Alfred Borgman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jake Borgman has been overseas since last May and in East Africa most of the time.  Recently he suffered a broken finger in a fall.  Alfred is in the Military Police and writes that he enjoys the climate.

Source: Sioux County Capital Mar. 16, 1944 p 7

Cpl. Alfred Borgman, son of Jake Borgman writes from Cairo, Egypt--
Dec. 27, 1944
Dear Ed:
Just a few lines.  I'm back in civilization again, with it comes answering all mail, which I was unable to do for some time.  I received all mail and sure appreciated it.  From now on I'll answer as before.
We spent a very nice Christmas, with plenty of good food, including turkey out here.  It wasn't a "White Christmas" though, as the climate is very mild here.  It will be quite a change to adjust myself to Iowa's frigid winters, this is the third I've missed, one in Florida and two here.  But I'm ready to try.  Some eight months ago I took parachute training.  It's kept me out of mischief ever since.  I like it just fine, we made four training jumps, two before breakfast one day.  I have a total of five jumps.  Soon after returning, I went to furlough to the Holy Land, a week before Christmas.  I spent seven interesting days out there.
Many thanks to the business girls of Sioux Center, who again remembered me with a nice gift. 
In closing, I still look forward to getting the News.  I haven't had any for some time, but I suppose it's due to the Christmas rush.  I'll be looking for it.            Sincerely, Alfred

Source: Sioux Center News Jan. 18, 1945 p 1

Gets News By Parachute
Cpl. Alfred Borgman, who is home on an overseas furlough, told us this week that for a time his SIOUX CENTER NEWS was delivered by parachute.  He was not permitted to tell about his activities during the interval, but said that was the only way he got mail at all, during his absence from his regular station with the army at Cairo, Egypt.  He expects to return to his overseas station at the end of his furlough.  His wife who is from Nashville, Tenn. is here with him.

Source: Sioux Center News March 1, 1945 p 1

Sgt. Alfred Borgman, who is home on furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jake Borgman, is wearing the Legion of Merit Decoration.  He has been in the army 30 months, 21 of which were spent overseas.  His unit is the special paratroopers, and Sgt. Borgman has made five jumps.  Four of them were training leaps, and one was operational or combat over Europe.  For five months, Alfred got all his mail, including the Sioux County Capital, by parachute.  Six weeks ago the young man was in Egypt.  He must report at Washington D.C. next week.

Source: Sioux County Capital March 1, 1945 p 1

Sgt. Alfred J. Borgman informs us of his new address, which is as follows: 37427976, Hq. & Hq. Det. O.S.S., Washington, D.C.

Source: Sioux Center News March 22, 1945 p 2

S/Sgt. Alfred Borgman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jake Borgman arrived home with his wife this past week.  Alfred received his discharge November 3rd, having returned to the states the latter part of October.  He has been overseas twenty-six months in all, serving in the Demolition branch of a paratroop unit.  His first stint was spent in Africa, Greece, Italy and Sicily.  Then he came home on overseas furlough.  At the end of his furlough he flew to India where he spent six months just across the hump from China.  He says after three and a half years in the army he is not in a hurry to decide upon his future.  He does find the weather a bit too much of a contrast to the 130 degree temperatures he recently left in India.

Source: Sioux Center News Dec. 13, 1945 p 10

Servicemen Discharged
Servicemen who have filed discharges in the County Recorder's Office at Orange City since Dec. 5 include:
Alfred J. Borgman, Sioux Center

Source: Sioux Center News Dec. 13, 1945 p 5